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Economic Policy Reforms: Going for Growth 2013

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Going for Growth builds on OECD expertise on structural policy reforms and economic performance to provide policymakers with a set of concrete recommendations on reform areas identified as priorities for sustained growth. The OECD has identified reform recommendations to boost real incomes and employment through the Going for Growth analysis for each OECD country since 2005 and, more recently, for the BRIICS. This benchmarking exercise provides a tool for governments to reflect on policy reforms that affect their citizens’ long-term living standards. Since the 2009 Pittsburgh Summit, Going for Growth has contributed to the G20 regular work programme to achieve Strong, Sustainable and Balanced Growth, notably through the so called Mutual Assessment Process. For each country, five policy priorities are identified based on their ability to improve long term material living standards through higher productivity and employment. The priorities broadly cover product and labour market regulations; education and training; tax and benefit systems; trade and investment rules; and innovation policies. This issue reviews the progress made on previous recommendations and identifies new priorities for the near term. It also looks at the potential impact of Going for Growth policy recommendations on public policy goals other than GDP growth.
European Economy
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European Union
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Friday, February 15, 2013