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EYE report 2018: Speak up Europe! 100 ideas for a better future

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This is the report from the 2018 European Youth Event (EYE). It covers a wide range of topics and issues, organised around 5 main axes:
-Young and Old: How to ensure the Digital evolution will work for a fairer society and to adapt the EU to this changing environment
-Rich and Poor: Working for a more equal society (in terms of revenues, employment, gender...)
-Apart and Together: Working for a stronger Europe and promoting solidarity in and outside the EU
-Safe and Dangerous: Safety in the age of digital revolution and increasingly turbulent world
-Local and Global: Tackling climate change and working towards sustainable development
2018, European Youth Event, Future, Disruptive innovation, Technological innovation, Sustainable Development
Country of publication: 
European Union
Publication date: 
Sunday, July 15, 2018
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