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Research and Innovation on Sustainable Urban Dynamics

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Urban issues are tackled in different Challenges of the Horizon 2020, the European Framework Programme for Research and Innovation. In Challenge 6 dealing with Inclusive, Innovative and Reflective Societies, a specific socio-economic item deals with “The promotion of sustainable and inclusive environments through innovative spatial and urban planning and design”. This publication highlights 10 stakeholders-based urban subjects to be addressed over the next years. It also provides a list of the EU urban research projects funded in the 7th EU Framework Programme (Social Sciences and Humanities; Sustainability and Environment; Transport and Energy; ICT; Smart Cities; and Security).
Foresight, Horizon 2020, Research, Urbanization, Energy Consumption, Social Innovation, Social Cohesion
Country of publication: 
European Union
Publication date: 
Tuesday, January 1, 2013