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The Role of Natural Gas, Renewables and Energy Efficiency in Decarbonisation in Germany

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This paper looks at the implications of the 2015 Paris Agreement for renewables, energy efficiency and natural gas and draws conclusions on the limitations of renewables for meeting national and international climate targets, illustrated by the past and present German renewable-focused approach. It discusses the need to complement an all-electric renewable approach with the important contribution decarbonized natural gas can make to meet the decarbonisation targets of the Paris Agreement within the time frame given by it. Finally, it illustrates the overlap of EU decarbonisation and German renewable policy and how this hinders short term fuel switching to natural gas and possible remedies. Throughout the paper “gas”, unless otherwise specified, should be taken to mean “natural gas”.
Energy, Energy and Europe, 2018, Paris Agreement, Renewable energy, Natural Gas, Energy Efficiency, Energy Efficiency Policies, Germany, Energiewende
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United Kingdom
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Monday, April 30, 2018
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