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Shaping Germany's Future

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In recent years, Germany's economy has outpaced nearly all other countries in Europe. The economy is entering its fifth year of growth in succession, employment is at a record level, state and social insurance revenues have increased, thereby significantly reducing strain on the national budget, and new borrowing by the Federal Government has been reduced to almost zero. Germany is in good shape – thanks, among other things, to a targeted reform policy undertaken in the past. Our country was able to respond decisively to the international financial crisis and resulting economic slump, as well as the debt crisis in Europe. Politicians reacted by creating the framework Germany’s citizens utilised intentionally. Collective bargaining partners safeguarded jobs by acting responsibly. Together, we were able to ensure that our country emerged stronger from the crisis. These are grounds to be confident.
Germany, Germany and Europe, Economic Growth, Financial Crisis
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Saturday, February 1, 2014
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