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Teacher networks. Today's and tomorrow's challenges and opportunities for the teaching profession

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Schooling is changing as much as society is changing. Except that society goes faster, and schools are traditionally slower to accept and incorporate novelties. The digital divide is now present at a new level: networked teachers vs. “the others”. In other terms, the networked teacher might sometime feel isolated in his/her school, but at the same time, has thousands of colleagues online as a sounding board.
We do not know what society will look like next year; and thinking ahead to 2025 makes your head spin. From this point of view, the effort of this book to foresee scenarios in more than 10 years’ time is amazing and stimulating. No matter how different we shall all be in 2025, one thing can be regarded as certain: we shall all be more connected. Or, rather, more networked. This book provides data, analysis, scenarios, reflections and evidence that education can change, and, to certain extent, has changed and it has become more connected.
Education, ICT, Future Learning, Social Networks, Foresight
Country of publication: 
European Union
Publication date: 
Friday, November 30, 2012