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Towards a Post-Carbon Society

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Two major challenges will have to be addressed on the way towards a “postcarbon society”: the adoption of new forms of energy (cf. security of supply, availability of resources, oil price) and the adaptation to the climate change that is already taking place.
Most of the time, these issues are tackled from the supply side and the technological perspective. But the demand side is crucial. The political initiatives, the economic incentives and the social behaviour can make a difference. This publication covers issues including in the long term such as globalisation, behavioural changes, market mechanisms, “rethinking the city”, social acceptability, job creation, land-use and public services. It also addresses the role of politics and social actors (businesses and trade unions) as well as the new governance for a post-carbon society.
Foresight, Post-Carbon Society, Environment, Urbanization, Social Model
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European Union
Publication date: 
Tuesday, January 1, 2008