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Unexpected, Unforeseen, Unplanned Scenarios of International Foreign and Security Policy

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SWP understands “foresight” as a scientifically based analysis of conceivable future situations and developments of international foreign and security policy. These are not forecasts, as we cannot of course predict what will occur. But we can draw attention to conceivable scenarios that – were they to come about – would be of great political relevance to Germany and the European Union.
Correspondingly, our Foresight contributions consider possible future events that we believe deserve greater political attention today. The start-ing point is that the described situations take political decision-makers by surprise. As such they present foreign policy and security challenges, regardless of the balance of crisis and opportunity they represent. Some involve putative developments in the near future for which the decisive political actors are presently inadequately prepared. Other contributions concern events much further in the future and discuss developments that would come as a great surprise seen from today’s political perspective.
Crisis Scenario, Strategic Foresight, United States Leadership, China, Ukraine, Asia-Pacific’s Economy, Asia-Pacific, Russia Elections 2018, Germany and Europe, Refugees
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Thursday, January 14, 2016
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