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The U.S.-ASEAN Relationship in 2030

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"Thinking about the U.S.-ASEAN relationship in 2030 is a useful exercise for testing the tenets of U.S. strategy in the region and in Asia generally. Does the United States have plans in place that will move it toward a vision—along with ASEAN, its members, and other key actors—that promotes its best interests on issues ranging from economic growth and prosperity to regional security to coping with transnational threats and disaster? And can the United States do so while promoting strong people-to-people ties, innovation, and collaboration? Are we investing in these efforts? Do we have the resources and political will to follow them through to fruition?

The answers are at our fingertips. We have the momentum and resources to make choices. This may not be the case 18 years from now, however."

US-ASEAN Relationship, Defence in Asia, Regional Security, United States in Asia, Innovation and Technology in Asia, Asian Markets, Security (Security, Crime, Defence)
Country of publication: 
United States
Publication date: 
Thursday, May 10, 2012