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Values and the Fourth Industrial Revolution: Connecting the Dots Between Value, Values, Profit and Purpose

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Today, society faces the mammoth task of creating 1.5 billion new livelihoods by 2050 while at the same time exceeding the planet’s crucial ecological limits. With the start of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, human progress may either suffer through a catastrophic setback or experience a positive transformation. What will make the difference? Values.
The core values of human dignity, common good and stewardship have been widely endorsed over the centuries. Systemic change based on these values aims to meet people’s basic needs, with greatly reduced inequalities and in environments allowing individuals to thrive and live in peace. The required leadership and an understanding of the changes under way across all sectors are low demands compared to the need to rethink economic, social and political systems to respond to the Fourth Industrial Revolution. A common values-driven direction is clearly needed.
Fourth Industrial Revolution, Values, Digital Futures, Competitive Industries
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Monday, November 14, 2016
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