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Which France in Ten Years? Establishing the Foundations of the Coming Decade

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This report begins by outlining the major developments of the next ten years at the international level and assesses what targets France can realistically aim at. The second part consists of a diagnosis of the state of the country, an analysis of the reform strategies that have been implemented and a reflexion upon the main challenges that France is faced with. The report goes on to focus on eight topics, offering possible orientations for the coming decade. Finally, a strategy is outlined on the basis of the conclusions of the analysis.
Quality of Life, Employment, Innovation, Responsible Development
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Sunday, June 1, 2014
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Quelle France dans dix ans? Les chantiers de la décennie
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France Stratégie a élaboré une analyse des enjeux essentiels auxquels la société française doit répondre et de leurs implications et avance pour les dix années à venir une série d’orientations prioritaires.
Le présent rapport soumet ces analyses et propositions au débat social et citoyen et à la décision politique.
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