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The world in 2025

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Recent developments in the world and the strong European commitment to a regulating globalisation argue in favour of a forward looking analysis. “The World in 2025” first underlines the major future trends: geopolitical transformations in terms of population, economic development, international trade and poverty. Secondly, it identifies the likely tensions: natural resources (food, energy, water and minerals), migrations or urbanisation. Finally, it defines possible transitional pathways: towards a new production and consumption model, towards new rural-urban dynamics, towards a new gender and intergenerational balance. “Rising Asia and socio-ecological transition” is the explicit sub-title that could be an inspiring source for the future strategy of the European Union.
Migration, Demography, Globalization, Geopolitics (World Power Transition), Innovation and Technology in Asia, Global Poverty Reduction, Economic Interdependence, New Development Model, Urbanisation
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European Union
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Sunday, February 1, 2009