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World energy, technology and climate policy outlook - WETO 2030

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The world energy, technology and climate policy outlook (WETO) positions Europe in a global context. It provides a coherent framework to analyse the energy, technology and environment trends and issues over the period from now to 2030. In this way, it supports long-term European policy-making particularly considering the questions related to (1) the security of energy supply; (2) the European research area; (3) Kyoto targets and beyond. Using the POLES energy model and starting from a set of clear key assumptions on economic activity, population and hydrocarbon resources, WETO describes in detail the evolution of world and European energy systems, taking into account the impacts of climate change policies. The reference scenario encompasses international energy prices, primary fuel supply (oil, gas and coal), energy demand (global, regional and sectoral), power generation technologies and carbon dioxide emissions trends. To face uncertainties, WETO presents alternative scenarios corresponding to different assumptions on availability of oil and gas resources (low/high cases) and on technological progress (gas, coal, nuclear and renewable cases). Two major policy issues are addressed: (1) the outlook of the European Union gas market in a world perspective (impressive growth in gas demand and increasing dependence on energy imports); (2) the impacts of greenhouse gas emission reduction policies on the world energy system and on progress in power generation technologies. The rigorous analysis of long-term scenarios, with particular attention to the European Union in a global context, will enable policy-makers to define better energy, technology and environmental policies for a sustainable future.
Energy, Sustainability, Forecast, 2030, Energy Consumption, Energy Efficiency Policies
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European Union
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Wednesday, January 1, 2003