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Arctic Window

The Arctic, Ocean for the Future for the security and the strategic autonomy of the EU

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L’arctique, océan d’avenir pour la sécurité et l’autonomie stratégique de l’Union européenne
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25 millions de kilomètres carrés, du pétrole, du gaz et de très nombreuses autres ressources minérales situées dans une zone qui pourrait être au cœur du trafic maritime mondial dans quelques décennies, l’Arctique est une zone critique de la géopolitique mondiale du 21e siècle. Dès lors, quelle place et quelle stratégie pour l’Union européenne dans cet espace ? Le rapport disponible ci-dessous a vocation à établir une description de la situation géostratégique et des grands enjeux de cette région ainsi qu’à mettre en perspective le rôle que l’Union européenne pourrait jouer dans les prochaines années.
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Monday, September 1, 2014
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During the last decades, global interest for the Arctic, an area of 25 million square km of which 14 million for the Arctic ocean, increased due to the climate change which led to the melting of the ice cap and the thawing of the permafrost. The attention of the global players is attracted not only by energy and natural resources but also by new maritime routes. This creates new environmental challenges and leads to potentially dramatic changes to international trade, which will contribute to the globalization of this area. This evolution is one of the reasons for the growing interest of the large global players for the governance of this area, in the first place of which the People’s Republic of China, India or Singapore.
These changes went not unnoticed by the EU, which, as early as 2002 under the Danish presidency of the Council, showed its intent to be a global actor by introducing the concept of “Arctic window” into its Nordic dimension. As reaffirmed in a resolution of the European parliament in March 2014, this concern was endorsed last May by the foreign affairs Council, which considered that Europe should reinforce its contribution to the Arctic cooperation. It pleads “for an active commitment of the EU with its Arctic partners in view of meeting the challenges of sustainable growth, in a prudent and reasonable way”.
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