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Weaponisation of Internet

Ideas and Perspectives: Priorities 2030

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Friday, September 13, 2019
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In this short presentation, Dr Franck DebiƩ, Director of the Library and the Knowledge services in the European Parliament, Associate Professor of Geopolitics at Ecole Normale SupƩrieure de Paris (Paris Sciences et Lettres University), Member of the Steering Committee of the European System for Policy Analysis and Strategy (ESPAS) outlines his view of the key findings of the three ESPAS reports (2012, 2015, 2019) on long-term trends to 2030 for the Ideas Network 2030, an Oxford based network regrouping policy-makers, business actors and researchers. The discussion took place on 14 September 2019. In his conclusions he stressed that: 'the successive ESPAS reports help us to progressively narrow our focus on those issues which will force Europeans to engage in a joint conversation on policy options for the future: the rise of China, climate change, aging and migration, digital disruption, and the growth of nationalism.
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